The Democrat Municipal Worker Exchange with Republican State Senators on Swing State Election Fraud Issues

(4 Minute Read) The public hearings into election fraud are all day events and so they are difficult for most people to have the time to watch. I am not a lawyer or transcriber, but these are some key excerpts of the issues of election fraud that run across the swing states. They are an amalgamation of the issues and speakers which don’t refer to any one in particular. It includes a back and forth between Democrats and Republicans on the issues which was very insightful. Spoiler alert: the Republicans are telling the truth. This was a rigged election.

A Democrat Clerk, looking very Trotsky-esque, made these comments suggestive that authority had been delegated to the unelected local party members to interpret election laws and carry out the process:

Some hold elections at the county or the state level but we know… elections belong to the people and therefore we hold elections at the most local level…It has been my experience that 100% of the time that … elections are only made by those who are boots on the ground volunteering to be in the action of …chief election inspector, (inaudible) voting volunteer, special voting deputy, canvasser, or other clerk.

New Democrat Voter Rule: Voters may assess themselves medically, and decide if they have to show ID when they vote on a medical exemption.

It turns out this same Democrat worker, while appearing cavalier at that hearing, had been ordered by a court to remove a statement he put on the county website for which he had no authority. The posting would change the election law to say that people could claim they were indefinitely confined by Covid. This meant people could circumvent election law that requires photo id to prove identity.

As the Municipal Clerk explained he was only trying to help people out during the pandemic. Unfortunately, that help was to begin a process that is widely accepted to be an invitation to fraud in the voting method dominated by Democrats.

Update Dec 14, 2020: This made-up Democrat rule in Wisconsin was condoned by the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

It is also concurrently being reported a “Dem State Senator, a Biden Elector, Falsely Claims Indefinite Confinement”, by signing her name saying she was indefinitely confined by Covid, but was out and about and certainly not indefinitely confined. “A false statement of indefinite confinement is a false statement to elections officials, and thus could be a Class I felony punishable by 3.5 years in prison and fines of up to $10,000.”

Democrat Dictionary: A “Municipal Clerk’s Office” is the office building in which the Municipal Clerk conducts business, or an unattended, unsecured box somewhere.

This statement from an Elections Commission Office gives insight into the local Democrat election workers thought process as to why an office isn’t just an office, but also a box.

“Absentee ballot delivery [according to Wisconsin state law says]: ‘Absentee ballots shall be mailed by the elector or delivered in person to the municipal clerk.’ That sounds very common sense. That sounds to me like the voter shall hand it to the [municipal] clerk – except there are no definitions in the law.

So then people [municipal workers] say what constitutes ‘in person’…So do you have to do deliver it to the [municipal] clerk? Does that mean it has to be the clerk or can it be a deputy? Can it be somebody else that’s working at the front desk, can it be a drop box that they’ve established at the front desk, can it be a drop box they’ve established outside their front door? – It’s not clear….Soon clerks were purchasing and installing drop boxes in multiple locations around their communities.

A box into which official ballots are deposited that is entirely disconnected from the Municipal Clerk’s office, unobserved, and unsecured is not the Municipal Clerk’s office. It is however, an invitation to fraud. This is why election workers without the knowledge or experience, particularly highly partisan people, cannot make up ad hoc election laws.

This is not to take away from the fact that many or most election workers are honest and hard working, and it must be terrible for them to have to endure this scrutiny brought on by their colleagues who are not.

According to “boots on the ground” Democrats the term “may not be counted” can be interpreted as “may be counted.”

A state senator questioned the Wisconsin election workers’ filling in the address on the absentee ballots contrary to the law which states:

“if the certificate is missing the address of a witness, that ballot may not be counted”…I am trying to understand why you [as a Municipal Clerk] even have to ask for someone to even give you guidance. It would seem to be totally clear [that the ballot may not be counted].  If someone gave me guidance [saying] ‘yeah…go ahead and rob the bank that would be fine?’ [I wouldn’t do that]

A Municipal Clerk responded :

All I can tell you is that the judge today said there was no violation of the Wisconsin election law.

New Democrat Rule: An absentee certificate envelope must have the Municipal Clerk’s initials on it to be counted – but not if the Municipal Clerk forgets.

A State Senator asked:

Every absentee certificate envelope has to have a signature from the Clerk that they saw an ID or they are exempt. Were ballots counted without that signature, without those [Municipal Clerk’s] initials?

A Municipal Clerk responded that:

[Yes] there were envelopes without [the required Clerk’s initials] on them…and they were [counted].

Interrupting the Municipal Clerk before he proceeded further:

“Hold on: you just told me that you had a fair election, but you’re telling me that you counted ballots that were not legally acceptable because they did not have the initial on. So I just want to make sure that we’re clear that you counted ballots in [the] county [for which] you did not have the [required] initials [and] which are part of the process to guarantee that the vote will be counted.”

A Municipal Clerk:

We do not penalize the voter for [municipal] clerk error. If the voter did nothing wrong. The vote is not tossed.

Election workers are demanding election laws that parse out everything from the meaning of what is an “office” versus a “box” versus a “giraffe” to prevent people from using loopholes to commit voter fraud. That is the definition of chaos.

Finally, the Election and Municipal workers also tried to blame the State Senators for effectively allowing them to capture as political prisoners their “toothless” words in the election laws.

“It is up to you [State Senators] to put teeth in the law when voters lie about their eligibility in obtaining a ballot…You [can’t] throw an already administered election out of the window for abuse of a loophole.

It’s not the election laws that need teeth. It’s the courts that need the teeth to bite back at these municipal workers with arrogant presumptive authority to change the election laws, and therefore control the outcomes of elections.

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