Dominion and Krebs Admit Election Machines Were Connected to the Internet…But Only a Little Bit

  • December 17, 2020

(2 Minute Read) No one (except those who believe in the tooth fairy, dog faced pony soldiers and an unbiased mainstream media) believes Democrats when they say there was no election fraud. There was election fraud. It’s just a matter of how much. Common sense and data analysis’ by experts informs us there had to be widespread fraud unless hundreds of years of statistical analysis are to be thrown out the window.

The Democrats seem to say it’s all a conspiracy theory unless a time machine is invented to go back to Nov 3, 2020, have the police storm the ballot counting centers who will know where to look, and catch the election fraudsters blue handed. There’s no time machine, but the now sworn testimony of their own Democratic allies should snap Democrat politicians into reality. Every day, with every hearing, we inch close to uncovering the truth and exactly who is spinning disinformation.

One of the issues flagged as ridiculous conspiracy theory is the now proven fact that the Dominion Voting machines were not only capable of, but in fact were, connected to the internet. Both the CEO of Dominion Voting Systems admits machines were modem connected to the internet (Time Stamp approximately 12:12) and Chris Krebs, Former Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (Time Stamp 1:09) also confirmed it today.

They admit machines were connected to the internet for brief periods of time for the purpose of communicating election results data. The remaining questions are how many machines were connected (since all the machines were local area networked to each other) for how long, and were they, or were they probably, hacked while they were connected to the internet.

This is what the forensic audit said about the DVS Systems being internet capable.

The Dominion ImageCast Precinct (ICP) machines have the ability to be connected to the internet… [through open software code intended to be used in secure environments so that unlike systems can communicate with each other.]  Best practice is to disable the network interface card to avoid connection.

This is what the CEO of Dominion Voting System’s admitted in response to a State Senator’s questions (Time Stamp approximately 12:04).

State Senator:

I want to be really clear whether at TCF [the Detroit ballot counting center) where they have a [voting] tabulator connected on a local area network, [if by accident or intent they are] connected to a wider network, [if it is then] possible for someone to maliciously and without us knowing it hack into the voting tabulator machine and change the results.


I don’t think so and it would be detectable.

State Senator:

What are the assurances that we have [that such a hacking did not happen]


An independent test authority could do an analysis to look at the structure of the audit log and verify whether such a thing happened

It is this very analysis that Trump Republicans are seeking to have carried out. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is a diligent, necessary investigation into election fraud.

The vast majority of election workers are honest and hardworking and the innocent pawns of fraudsters who designed to rig the election. They must already be traumatized by the scrutiny, and they must be protected from anyone attacking them individually without specific, proven evidence. It doesn’t mean that those who broke the law and committed election fraud can hide behind them. There needs to be forensic audits and investigations to clear the names of these innocent people.

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