(2 Minute Read) Commuchristians are everywhere these days. They drank the cup of racial bitterness that Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr warned against. They are white, black and brown people baptized with degrees from universities seeped in the theology of the book of Critical Race Theory. Devout Commuchristians don’t necessarily want to convert you, they want to lord over you.  

They are often people who knew Jesus, and so like familial spirits they will seem recognizable even to the spiritually mature, but like Sauron in Lord of the Rings, they reveal themselves. Some are thuggish orks easily recognizable as former Christians who evolved into something unrecognizable and ugly. Others don’t look the part, but they will say things like Pamist instead of Psalmist. They will be in favor of killing the unborn, but criminalize even the slightest insult towards their followers, much less their high priests. They will say they are caring for the needy across the globe, but live in wealth beyond their means only explainable by crime.

They are the inversion of Christian missionaries and global food organizations that have operated for decades out of the love of Jesus. Those organizations need our ongoing and full support to feed and care for those in need globally. Commuchristians are the new world order who cloak themselves in Christianity to draw in unware Jesus followers. At best Commuchristians are indifferent to Jesus and do some good for the purpose of feeding their egos. At worse they are wolves.

They march with atheists waving their self declared superior intellect preaching things like global warming, but most importantly they shout praises of their own purity like Pharisees in the streets. They are the 21st century virtue signalers who are not filled with compassion, but with a desire for communion with their communist overlords who they praise for their economic efficiencies and omnipresent abilities to redistribute your wealth. They will pass your offertory plate money to the high priest dictators who will redistribute it to whom they deem most in need, generally the priests of their programs. These omnipresent Commuchristian overlords claim they see the hearts of individuals to know who is in greater need of your money.

Commuchristians believe with all their heart the words of atheist dictators at the UN, WHO and China. They religiously read the books of Critical Race Theory, and devour the data and slippery sound biting from their priests. They sing from the same hymn book as their communist atheist friends. They wave their white skin around like a flag rallying white people to surrender to their inferiority, and their bank accounts to their Commuchristian cause.

But will the Commuchrisitans take the next step in their communist faith and embrace its new testament book of eugenics?  We don’t need to look at the “near genocide” (BBC) of Christians in Nigeria to know that we have our own eugenics going on in North America. Is it really a coincidence that in the first wave of Covid, that about 75% of deaths were white elderly people in many cases left to die starving and alone, while the priests of communism professed the lie that it was black and brown people who had suffered the most. Unfortunately the overlords didn’t have enough time to staff the nursing homes for the second wave either. Nevertheless, the relentless Commumedia choir scoured their sources to find a black and brown person who died from Covid in the haystacks of the white elderly dead.

According to the book of eugenics, vulnerable white elderly people must get in line behind the healthy black and brown people who make up most of the health care workers. The purpose of the Covid vaccine march beating to the drum of skin color is to even the playing field. The theology goes like this: white people grew up in the Judeo-Christian West and had the benefit of knowing that hard work, staying healthy, saving and paying their taxes would care for them in their old age. This is a sin that must be punished according to the Commuchristians. Reading between the lines of the book of eugenics is the call to fuel division and race wars. Don’t let them get away with it. Love your white, brown and black brothers and sisters all the more.

God is greater than all of them. and he really does have the whole world in his hands. Jesus is alive and He loves all of us: black, brown and white. We don’t need to worry. Life on earth is a vapor and a mist compared to eternity. We have many Holy Spirit filled Christian leaders still with us on this earth, that are preaching the Bible and bringing us closer to Jesus. We need to stay together and be wise. Giving is what God made us to do. Care for the widow and the orphan across the globe, but be wise in who you are trusting your resources and spiritual life.

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits.” Mathew 7: 15-16

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