The Real “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” Creeping into Liberty U

(4 Minutes Read) If you want to see the enemy at work and an example of the Psychopathy of Totalitarianism, look no further than the four hundred students and alumni at Liberty U, a Christian university, attacking people who are fighting for Christian rights and freedoms. It breaks my heart to say that, but we are in a time in history when we need to speak the plain truth. We all fall short. I hope this is heard in the way it is intended.

These 400 Christians are using their time and energy on a petition to dissolve a conservative think tank at Liberty U, a think tank of activists fighting for their Christian freedoms. This is totally irrational, but in fairness, they have just been through the Jerry Falwell Jr. scandal. It must have been devastating for students and alumni at the University. It was bad enough seeing it happen from the outside. Still, this was apparently a foothold for the enemy that has taken root in at least 400 people at Liberty U who are now in witch hunt mode wanting to purge, without evidence, anyone who may be tied to impropriety.

There is a teaspoon of rational thought in the cup of delusion that 400 students and alumni are serving to make it palatable, even a bit rational, to turn on their own.

This has led to the absurd situation where Christian students are fighting against the Falkirk Center who is fighting for: Christian churches to remain open (not just bars and strip clubs); the unborn from being murdered and their body parts sold (instead of going to loving adoptive families); and the Judeo-Christian Constitution and way of life maintained (instead of it dissolving through apathy into a Marxist-Communist Chinese takeover). How do these 400, or at least the editors speaking in the ear of the 400, justify what is totally irrational? They use linguistic double talk to make the irrational seem just rational enough to make sense to “normal” Christians. They talk like this:

Creeping Communism: The Fabian States of America | The Blue Collar Economist

“[the Falkirk Center are]wolves in sheep’s clothing — people who claim Christ’s name because it is convenient for their personal or political gain.”  

It’s an interesting choice of characterization since it is the inverse of a book title that denounced the creeping communism by Liberal America. Moreover, since we live in a fallen world, and there is no person or organization without sin, there is no doubt that there are people within the Falkirk Center that are fake Christians using it for political gain. So it has a ring of a little truth.

But commonsensically, does it make sense that the entire Falkirk organization is over run by “wolves in sheep’s clothing” who have been Christians all their lives, but are now secret atheists using the cover of Christianity to gain personal political power? That is as likely as Biden winning the election. Highly unlikely at best to nearly impossible. For an entire organization to maintain such an ideology would be psychopathic and the domain of Marxist-Communists totalitarians, not people fighting for freedom and sustaining the Constitution.

Isn’t the most likely “wolf in sheep’s clothing” the now proven fact of creeping communism that snuck into secular universities across the globe, and is now enticing vulnerable students and alumni reeling from the Falwell Jr. scandal to turn on their own and defeat their own religious freedom?

I don’t know anyone in the Falkirk Center other than what I hear and read about which is them doing great things to protect Christian freedoms. So I have no idea, but the odds are that there must be at least one individual within the organization who has the faults claimed by the 400. The solution for dealing with such a situation is in the Bible.

 “If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over.  But if they will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses. If they still refuse to listen, tell it to the church; and if they refuse to listen even to the church, treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector. “Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Mathew 18:15-18

The Bible doesn’t say to wildly cast stones at an entire organization from afar and hope you hit the wolf.

One of the specific complaints the 400 raise, and a very legitimate one, was the use of girls dressed in tight clothing shooting money out of cannons, referred to as “bang girls”, at the Turning Point USA’s annual Student Action Summit conference. It was wrong. It’s hard to understand a Christian much less a conservative basis for it. Did the 400 approach the leaders of the Falkirk Center about it, or are they just shooting off their own linguistic canons at them in return fire. Also, did the 400 fire off any cannons at Biden when he and CardiB politicked together on the coat tails of her bringing soft porn and bestiality mainstream with the release of her WAP video? Where were the petitions to ban CardiB and Biden from these 400 students and alumni. It is the absence of what is being protested that speaks the loudest.  

Christians wishing to remove Christianity from the public square is to wish for an atheist Tiananmen Square in North America.

The 400 are writing as if they don’t realize the outcome of their campaign would be the removal of Christianity from the public square:

Associating any politician or political movement with Christianity bastardizes the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We at Liberty University believe that Christians have a higher calling than politics… We don’t want to be soldiers in a culture war; we want only to be champions for Christ.”

This is an argument for removing Christianity from the public square, and rumbling tank music onto Main Street USA to Beijing’s ears. Beijing will fill that public square with anti-Christian militancy.

Do the 400 really think they can best bring people to Jesus when the churches are shut down or when they are open? When they are free to speak scripture in public or be censored?

If you think that’s wild exaggeration and couldn’t happen in North America, here’s a good example of an Anglican “priest” protesting a conservative Christian politician from quoting the standard birth of Jesus scripture. The one that Biden quoted and hundreds if not thousands of other politicians. The problem was that it was a conservative politician. The 400 are also being lured into joining the parade of Liberal Democrats falsely claiming Trump followers are practicing idolatry. This is a lie and part of the Democrat “pseudo-reality”.

Patriots are loyally following Trump as the President and leader of the free world against the clear and present danger of a Marxist-Communist takeover in North America.

I have never read or heard of a conservative following Trump because of Trump’s religious teachings. The claim that patriots are idolizing Trump is an attempt to demoralize. Trump is a political fighter for freedom. He is not a preacher, but a Christian who practices about standing for more than yourself. He gave up a billionaire lifestyle to fight for freedom and democracy in the Judeo-Christian West.  His actions are a roar against Biden’s mumbling, fumbling passive-aggressive words that will bring America to its knees before Communist China. Attacking patriotic Trump supporters as idolatrous is a lie by those indulging in the Democrat “pseudo-reality.” Just like the demoralized students and alumni at Liberty U were an easy target for the pseudo-reality to enter a Christian university after infiltrating and conquering secular universities.

It only requires a small number of well intended people who unwittingly play the “useful idiot” role, as it is put in the Psychopathy of Totalitarianism, to spread the gospel of psychopathic totalitarians working to destroy America from within, without having to invade by force. It’s interesting that this petition was launched in the week before the Georgia senate run off and the contested election results. Just as evangelical leaders like John Piper urged evangelical supporters to sit out the battle and not vote for Trump, thereby casting ballots for pro abortion Beijing Biden, Christians are being asked to stand down by the 400. To the contrary, well intended though they may be under the Marxist-Communist-Democrat delusion, the 400 are wrong.

The “wolf in sheep’s clothing” is creeping communism. Now is the time for Christians to stand up in the public square, not stand down.

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