MSM Intoxicated Journalists Writing About Warnock

(4 Minute Read) The blurring between facts, lying, lying by omission, speculation, and opinion is becoming so blurred that it calls for some people to have a road side check for writing while MSM intoxicated. An article apparently written by a Democrat Christian with the goal of comparing Rev. Warnock to President Trump is a good example. Why wasn’t it written comparing Warnock to Laffluer or Perdue? It may have been because they have very clean records and Trump is a more believable target with all the fake news stories mainstream media has pumped out over the past four years. I seriously feel for the Democrat Christians who, presumably are good and honest people, but are being deluded in what can only be explained by their dutifully drinking in fake news to inform themselves of “facts”.

The below is a fact check on the statements:

Warnock and “Marital Misconduct”

“[“Rev” Warnock’s ex-wife] has police footage of his then-wife and mother of his two children – until recently a top aide for the Atlanta mayor – calling the Senate candidate “a great actor” and warning that she “’tried to keep the way that he acts under wraps for a long time.” The police footage of Warnock’s altercation with his wife comes after the Senate candidate was separately arrested in 2002 for obstructing a child abuse investigation. The charges were later dropped.

There are also court records in evidence that the “church” camp that Warnock oversaw was responsible for a bucket of urine being poured on a boy who was made to sleep outside on a tennis court.

President Trump, who has never claimed to be a “Rev” or a pastor or a devout anything, but rather a simple Christian, is supported by his ex-wives. Not only has he never had any claims like those against “Rev Warnock”, his children adore and support him, and it is mutual.

“Trump had abhorrent hush money payments to an adult film star”

President Trump denies the allegation and it was never proven.

The lawyer who made the claim about Trump and the hush money is now serving prison time for lying. The lawyer  for the adult film star, in an unrelated matter but demonstrating his character,  is also in jail for extortion.

Warnock and Election Integrity

“[“Rev” Warnock supports fellow Democrat Stacey Abrams] gaslighting voters by casting doubt on the results of [her] free and fair -election.

Democrat Stacey Abrams contested the election results in her race for Governor-with no evidence. No witnesses signing sworn affidavits, no data and computer experts swearing to election fraud.

“Trump insists, in defiance of reality, that he won the November 3rd presidential election”

In the world of real people and things, and as accepted by everyone, except the mainstream media of course, there was election fraud. The dispute is only if there was enough election fraud to overturn the election. A vast number of experts say yes.

“While Warnock supports former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams’ refusal to concede in her 2018 race. Warnock also gave his seal of approval to Abrams by leading her nonprofit, the New Georgia Project, until January of 2020 – long after Abrams’ lobbed her sour grapes claims of a faulty election. The organization is now under a state investigation.”

Duly elected Senators and members of Congress who have seen and considered the evidence in the 2020 election are objecting to electoral college votes with proven fraud based on thousands of sworn affidavits and data and computer experts. The only question is how much fraud. Also, Democrats have contested the election results three times since 2000 and Gore v. Bush.

Warnock’s “Unscrupulous Pals”

[Rev Warnock has] a cadre of unscrupulous pals.”

Rev. Warnock invited the communist dictator Castro as a guest to his church and is friends with a well known, and unapologetic antisemite also a “Rev.” Wright”

Trump has never been “pals” with antisemites or communists. To the contrary, Trump is a loyal, America first patriot. His Presidency was dragged through the mud on what is now positively proven to have been the false claims of the Russia witch hunt.

“Trump has surrounded himself with a cast of characters that includes Steve Bannon, Paul Manafort, and Roger Stone.”

That is not a representation of Trump’s inner circle which is, for example, with Mike Pence, Franklin Graham, Kayleigh McEnany, etc. Do Christians have a problem with these Christians?

“Warnock’s connections include the anti-Semetic Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whom he has hosted as a guest speaker at his church and whose now infamous “G-d d-mn America” sermon he called “Christian preaching at its best.” Warnock also served as youth pastor at a church that hosted the brutal Cuban dictator Fidel Castro as a speaker. When Castro died, Warnock reflected on his reign – during which the country was listed as a state sponsor of terrorism – saying, “His legacy is complex, kind of like America’s legacy is complex.”

Warnock Quoting Scripture for Political Gain

“[Rev. Warnocks’] distorting scripture to support partisan political aims”

“Rev” Warnock” has made the false claim, for example, that Jesus was a Palestinian to advance his anti-semitic political goals

President Trump’s actions have done more for Christian religious freedoms than any President in recent memory. For example, executive orders and appointments to protect gatherings and free speech rights, and the unborn from the murder of abortion, and stopping human trafficking, and a peaceful middle-east by way of peace deals and moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

“And, of course, Trump bungled an attempt to quote “two Corinthians” while campaigning for the votes of students at Liberty University with nationalistic promises to “protect Christianity.”

Trump is not and has never said he was a “Rev” or even a “devout Catholic”. He is a Christian. It makes sense that when he read what was written by a Christian to say “2 Corinthians” instead of 2nd Corinthians, he read it as written on the basis that the theologian who wrote it down knew more than he did about how to pronounce it. It was a minor issue that was lept upon by Democrat Christians.

On the other hand, Biden, the person claiming to be a “devout Catholic” his whole life, clearly revealed he has no familiarity with the Bible when he said “Palmist” instead of “Psalmist”.

“And if Trump’s refusal to heed scripture’s call to “show hospitality to strangers” or a host of other commands merits admonishment from people of faith (it does).”


“Warnock, for his part, has used the cover of faith to malign Israel as akin to “apartheid South Africa” and peddles a distorted gospel as a “pro-choice pastor”; masking the violence of abortion – which disproportionately targets Black women and their preborn children – as “reproductive justice.

The possibly treasonous and impeachable Beijing Biden Scandal

If you’re going to write an article on character and integrity, it’s hard to understand how the Hunter Biden scandal was not even worthy of a mention in the article.

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