Public Servant Trudeau and His Provincial Covid Counterparts

(3 Minutes Read) Covid is serious and highly contagious, but we have to speak up to our Canadian public servants against government overreach. The term “public servant” for government workers in the Common Wealth oddly and amusingly has its roots in criminals designated to do work which they try to avoid:

“Public servant was first used to refer to a convict assigned to public labour or work for the government…pube…another popular term for a public servant is shiny bum (or shiny arse), which was first used in a military context during the Second World War of someone with an office job.The Convict Origins of ‘Public Servant’ by Amanda Laugesen

Much of Public Servant Trudeau and his provincial public servant counterparts’ Covid premised use of force against Canadians probably violates Canadians’ constitutional rights and freedoms under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The arbitrary, maybe even ludicrous, arrests of peaceful protestors in Toronto and a Calgary woman who was carted off to an undisclosed Covid detention centre are two recent shocking and bizarre examples.

This is a really good article by a major Ontario law firm that explains the legal powers of Ontario’s Public Servant Doug Ford and his cabinet in relation to Trudeau and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The good news is that abuse of provincial powers by the premier and cabinet can be scrutinized by the courts. The bad news is that the courts will give Ford and his cabinet wide deference.

The adage that once a government is given powers they don’t give it back easily is creating fear in the minds of many. Provincial governments ratcheting up their use of emergency powers is fueling it. There is the sense that this new found power by public servants provincially and federally is being rapidly invoked arbitrarily and without reasoned thought for the consequences.

Our normally respectful and admirable Canadian police appear in the videos of these incidents like extras in a low budget made for TV movie:: “yeah, sure eh, we’ll take down some harmless person peacefully protesting along the street to make an example of them.” The arrests seemed as arbitrary as public servant rules that have bars open, but church services forbidden.

Why are the police going along with this? They are ultimately acting on the say-so of public servants that the courts will probably find in clear violation of the Charter rights and freedoms of Canadians. The wrongs may be legally righted in a courtroom, but the scars on the Canadian psyche, including the police who acted in blind obedience, may be a long time healing.

Trudeau and his fellow provincial public servants appear to be operating in a grey area of the law. Trudeau has not declared the Emergencies Act (which allows for the suspension of Charter rights and freedoms in the event of a national public health emergency) but the provinces are acting as if this is so without Trudeau’s federal invocation of the Emergencies Act.

Tellingly, Trudeau has presumably concluded Covid does not warrant a national health emergency or he would have invoked the Emergencies Act giving the federal government the legal right for arbitrary arrests and detention (although it is apparently not being ruled out). Or, he concluded that invoking the Act without substantial reason would not go over well with his boss: Canadian taxpayers.

Trudeau is, and he cannot be allowed to forget he is, a public servant. He is not the master of taxpayers, but the servant of taxpayers who pay his bills and expect him to keep out of criminal activity. His three ethics violations are grounds for dismissal alone. His shutting down parliament and escaping to his cottage and not returning to work for weeks another. He is deserving of the most “exemplary punishment” at the ballot box.

David Collins…writes in 1799 of the convict public servants:Such of the above public servants as might have taken to concealments on shore for the purpose of avoiding their work, or making their escape from the colony, if they did not return within a week to their respective stations, might, upon discovery, expect the most exemplary punishment; but they would be pardoned for the present attempt if they returned immediately.” The Convict Origins of ‘Public Servant’

Yet Public Servant Trudeau and his provincial counterparts are getting bolder. Canadian Covid detention centres were dismissed by his mainstream media arm as absurd conspiracy theory, yet now they are reality. Trudeau Liberals would no doubt leap at the opportunity to put up fencing around parliament hill as a “security measure” with Trudeau citing Public Servant AOC’s hysteria as precedent. The Capital Hill Riot was fuel for AOC, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden and Harris to stir their group think like witches around a cauldron now more privately behind a metal fence. Fencing around the people’s house on parliament hill would have the same or worse effect with Liberal group think hysteria simmering in Trudeau’s cottage.

How does an owner wrestle back their power from a servant who is putting a lock on their front door? “Words have power”. While Public Servant Trudeau, Freeland, Tam and their provincial counter parts’ legitimate work protecting Canadians from a public health disaster like Italy’s must be respected and appreciated, their “shiny bum” over reach is inexcusable.

Trudeau needs to be put on notice for failing to perform his duties as a Canadian public servant. In my opinion, Trudeau is not earning the title of Prime Minister and I will refer to him as Public Servant Trudeau, likewise for his counter parts over reaching in their roles . Here’s a link to obtain the email address of your Public Servant in Parliament. Most are hard working and sincere.

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