The Faucian Bargain

(2 Minute Read) Most people accept Covid is serious and highly contagious. What is making the Free West sick and exhausted are the arbitrary “trust the science” medical dictates sanitized of civil liberties by largely unelected, unvetted medical bureaucrats of the Liberal Democrat kind.

Most of our elected officials sold their political souls to these medical bureaucrats for the promise of unburdening them from the responsibility of Covid crisis management. In the process they sold our civil liberties and saddled us with arbitrary rules.

Arbitrary rules like: you can stand on the street with five people, but if it’s six you could be tackled by the police and jailed; bars can be open but churches closed because medical bureaucrats feel that sober church goers are more inclined to hug and can’t be trusted to restrain themselves like often drunken bar patrons; foreigners untested for Covid can enter the country out of compassion, but tax paying citizens must pick up their slack by an increased loss of liberty to maintain a curve that never seems to flatten like a never ending roller coaster ride.

What may actually be flattening, is the enthusiasm of elected officials to abdicate their responsibilities and blindly and singularly “trust the science” of medical bureaucrats. Hollywood awarded the blindly science-trusting Governor Cuomo for abdicating the use of his common sense and experience by effectively giving him an Emmy for Best Puppet. In return, Cuomo is now being held responsible for the deaths of thousands of elderly. Cuomo does not appear to be following the Faucian dictate of double masking of late.

How did Cuomo and other elected officials like him come to make such a Faucian bargain?

Liberal medical bureaucrats seem to have proposed the bargain on the promise of historical legacy: if you don’t let us, medical experts who alone understand medical data, take control and “trust the science”, but instead take the reigns and responsibility for Covid yourself, our mainstream media will make it seem that you are responsible for everything and anything that goes wrong. Look at what we did to Trump making him seem ridiculous as if he actually suggested injecting disinfectant into bodies. Our Liberal media can make things up about you too.

It takes courage and intellectual confidence to go head to head with medical experts and weigh the risks and responsibilities to protect people from Covid while balancing it with civil liberties, economics and quality of life issues like children in schools, and to come up with creative alternatives.

Doing just that is the intelligent, common sense and courageous Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He decided to not just look at the science alone, but make balanced common sense, civil liberties, economics and quality of life decisions. In contrast, far left leaning California Governor Newsom strictly “trusted the science” and has capsized California. He is about to be recalled.

DeSantis recently explained in an interview that all the state Governors were given the same data indicating hospitals would be over run in five days if lock downs, stay at home orders, etc. were not implemented.

DeSantis didn’t strike the Faucian bargain. Instead he took a serious look at the science and combined it with a common sense and civil liberties approach.

DeSantis decided even if it did start to appear hospitals might be over run, better to simply create more hospital beds than destroy Florida’s economy, kids out of school, and have deaths from suicide, etc. He was right. He took a balanced approached and Californians are fleeing to Florida where the case numbers and deaths are approximately the same as ship wrecked California.

State and provincial elected officials may be starting to realize that their Faucian bargain for historical legacy as leaders who properly “trusted the science” without the burden of responsible leadership can lead to the political hell that Cuomo and Newsom have brought upon themselves.

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