Andrew Tate Is a Warning to Christians, Maybe Even a Warm Up for the Big Deception

“Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.” (1 Peter 5)

(2 Minutes Read) Andrew Tate made a very deliberate conversion to Islam from Orthodox Christianity in 2022, but somehow Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens, both Christians, gave this fact little to no attention when they bolstered his worldwide platform following his conversion. It’s especially baffling given Tate’s platform which frequently cites religion combined with his unapologetic position on the money he made using women as commodities in his web porn business.

Tate is probably smirking behind his sunglasses at Carlson and Owens for being so gullible given the reason Tate cites for his conversion to Islam: “There’s one religion on the planet today in which people stand up for the rules, they stick by the rules. They refused to be mocked and they refuse to throw away their values and belief systems under the guise of tolerance… There’s one religion on the planet and that’s Islam.”

So when Carlson and Owens “kindly” overlook Tate’s pornography business that commodified women on the basis that it was ten years ago and he was poor and etc – even though he “boldly confesses” he makes no apology for it – it seems likely that a bubble head over Tate in the interviews would be: “See, this is why I converted to Islam, these stupid Christians just keep up this polite host act and say nothing even though I mock their faith and refuse to even apologize for the hurt my actions might have caused, much less repent of what is a sin, which is right in their Bible.”

Did Carlson and Owens not do their homework? Do they not know that Tate is out there lying about Christians and Christians and trying to get mostly young men to convert to Islam? God help us all, but get it together Tucker and Candace “for many will be deceived”. Tate may seem like an intoxicatingly, refreshingly masculine man but he may be a warm up for the real deception to come, and if we can’t see through Tate, well, see Revelations and the great deception .

Andrew Tate lies a lot, I  mean a lot, and not just little white lies. His lips are moving constantly with rational sounding messages from a handsome looking face  that exudes an intoxicating blend of confidence, masculine good looks and intellect. So it’s hard to take in all the lies. (See these videos to give you an idea)

Is it possible Christians are not hearing the deception of Andrew Tate in their eagerness to display moral “tolerance” – which Tate loathes and mocks – of his rejection of Christianity? I’m not going to judge Tate, not because I’m tolerant or fearful of some mean tweets, but  because I have a healthy fear of God and only God really knows his heart. Jesus is returning.

The overarching, bold faced lie in this video is Tate, appealing to his market base of young men, trying to pretend that it’s been Muslims who’ve been on the daily news courageously being doxed, losing their jobs, being sued, etc.  for protesting the indoctrination of kids at (his example) Drag Queen Story Hours.
That is the opposite of the truth. It is an observable and knowable lie to trick and demoralize Christians into thinking they and their religion are cowardly, when in fact it is Islam that has cowardly sat on the sidelines and only in the summer of 2023 started protesting (perhaps queued by Muslim leadership)

The reality is that Islam has cowardly stayed on the sidelines up until this summer, 2023 when for some reason they suddenly started to show up at protests. This was surprising for the Liberal Left Muslims, for example, especially given the conflict it represents with their belief in child brides, but welcome as reinforcements.

So, Andrew Tate, you’re going to have to admit that it’s Islam that’s the coward. Jesus believing Christians are fearless warriors for just causes.

Here is some of what Tate says in this video on his conversion to Islam from Christianity. Tate is very clever which is why you have to take a step back and say “wait, no, that’s actually a bold faced lie:

“They are mocking your [Christian] God in front of your face [at Drag Queen story hours] and Christians don’t say a word – they don’t say fucking word. Islam’s the only religion that stands up for itself.”…If you [Christians] have a belief system that no one defends, then you don’t have beliefs….If I’m going to worship God and worship God in a way that is true to my own personal beliefs…They set Notre Dame on fire. Imagine if that was the other way around…They are mocking your God in front of your face and Christians don’t say a word….There’s one religion on the planet today in which people stand up for the rules, they stick by the rules. They refused to be mocked and they refuse to throw away their values and belief systems under the guise of tolerance… There’s one religion on the planet and that’s Islam…”

“If Christianity were correct, God would give them the strength to defend themselves, and they don’t. Christianity doesn’t mean anything anymore.”…

“There’s only one religion left on the planet: that’s Islam. It’s the only religion! It’s the only religion!!” (Andrew Tate)

Tate is presumably trying to stay on message with his target market, with the help of the Islamic political powers, of young men and trying to play the card that Christianity is weak and afraid and Islam represents virile male

leadership. In fact, any religion that condones the beating of women, and requiring them not to be out unless their husband ok’s it, and are killed for not wearing a hijab and displaying their hair – that kind of religion reflects men who are weak and afraid. Hopefully Tate will learn about meekness and return to Jesus.

Real men, courageous and strong men, don’t beat and abuse women.

‘Blessed are [those who have power and courage under control, linked with kindness1]; for they shall inherit the earth’ (Matthew 5:5)

“This principle is found in the original Greek word for meek, πραΰς “praus,” which was used to describe someone who is not overcome by arrogance, anger or aggression.” (Coastal Church)

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