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Minister of The Muslim Class

It seems Mona Fortier is clarifying her role in what was already a politically eyeball-rolling, newly created, “Ministry of Middle Class Prosperity.” It was and is a cabinet post made up by the Trudeau Liberals […]

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Letter to Canadian Government Staff Re: Islamic Ritual Slaughter and Food Labeling

Update: Nov 23, 2018: Note: If you don’t want to read about the slaughter process and why exactly the Sharia Law Halal method is opposed by almost all animal welfare organizations, you may want to […]

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Resist Sharia Law Halal: Speak with Your Wallet

Sharia Law Halal is  contrary to Western democracies for at least three reasons. First, in Western countries the humane treatment of the animals is regulated by governments to ensure safety for the consumer and to […]

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If You Don’t Want to Buy Sharia Law Halal Meat Products

These are products found in Canadian grocery stores. Grocery stores do not appear anxious to identify which of their meat products originated in a religious Sharia Law Halal slaughter ritual with its grey area of […]

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If You Don’t Want to Support Sharia Law There’s An Easy Way to Speak with Your Wallet

The Islamic Society of North America (“ISNA”) is an Islamic authority which, among other functions, dictates whether Sharia Law has been followed in the Halal slaughter of chicken and beef products. Last week the Canada […]

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Two Reasons to Say ‘No’ to Sharia Law Halal Meat

1. Islamic Halal Meat Slaughter is Inhumane: The Experts The Canadian Veterinary Association and the SPCA along with many international animal welfare groups, oppose the Islamic, Halal slaughter of animals. They are trying to have it […]

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The 3.2%

It was shocking and disturbing to see (be warned it is graphic) the video circulated last week showing what appeared to be the butchering of a live cow in a Canadian backyard. The facts and […]

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The Politics of Skinning a Cow and Halal

Note: This article does not contain graphic images, but it does describe slaughter practices. Sharia law halal practices require that an animal be alive and conscious when its throat is cut, so that it is […]

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The Line That Can’t Be Crossed: The Politics of Skinning a Cow

Besides being gruesome and disturbing, this (WARNING: it is very disturbing to watch for most people) video of a cow appearing to be skinned alive in the  recently circulated Milton, ON video  had shock value. […]

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Islamic Barbaric Treatment of Animals

Note: This article does not contain graphic images unless you scroll way past the horizontal lines to see them. This way the information can be provided without subjecting people to the images. Since Islam was […]

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