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The Liberal Politics of No Fear: ISIS, Snakes and MS-13

Full disclosure, I look at this from a Christian perspective, and so I believe the Bible that God did not “give us a spirit of fear”. We should not go around with a crippling fear […]

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Canada Needs Unity: Not Diversified Investing

Unity: the state of being united or joined as a whole. Diversity: the state of being diverse; variety. Diversification: the action of making or becoming more diverse or varied While Maxime Bernier’s choice of words […]

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Canada: Protecting Those Fleeing Prosecution

August 9, 2018 Think Over News by Speak Very Freely Abdullahi Ahmed Abdullahi is an alleged terrorist fleeing prosecution in the USA for terrorism. A few days ago, a Dalhousie University law professor proudly announced […]

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Shame-Us O’Regan and Canadian-Born Businesses

Update. September 9, 2018 Here is further proof that O’Regan’s attack on Canadian born entrepreneurs was not only false, but he owes an apology to “Canadian-borns”. Many or most immigrants given permanent residency under the […]

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Liberal Globalist Baggage Piling On Canadians

Globalist migration advocates began a campaign last week to try and shame Canadians into removing “illegal” from our vocabulary, specifically, “illegal border crossers.”  They want Canadians to say “irregular” instead. Their reasoning is that using […]

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Borderline Lying

Right on the border of lying are those grey areas that give manipulative and/or less than honest people an opportunity to make preposterous arguments with a straight face. It seems migration consultants are trying to […]

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Excuse Me, How Do I Get to Roxham Road, QC, Canada?

Ever wonder how people in foreign countries know to show up at the remote location of Roxham Road in Quebec, and claim asylum thereby avoiding the legal asylum backlog? Are there a lot of part-time […]

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PM Trudeau Schools Canada, Nay, the World

In a  CF24 interview, PM Trudeau was asked, “it sounds like you had to school [Premiere Ford] on how the refugee, asylum seeker system works. Do you feel that [Premiere Ford] understands the [illegal immigration] […]

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The Highly Visible Minority of Muslim Activists

It does seem that for a visible minority, Muslims are a highly visible majority in the mainstream media news. News reporting like this Global News story headlined “Hate crimes against Muslims in Canada Increase 253% […]

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There’s No Brexit at Roxham Road

The illegal border crossing at Roxham Road is effectively a Canadian tax payer funded voting booth for the Liberals, with no exit in sight. The Liberals say their hands are tied to stop migrants from […]

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