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Practice Safe 6 Foot Social Distancing from Marxists Until There’s a Vaccine

There’s no doubt that we live in strange and difficult times. The so-called “BLM” movement of white and black Marxist indoctrinated university students, the leadership of whom often self-identify as lesbian or trans Marxists, along […]

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What is Gerald Butts Thinking?

On June 24, 2020 Gerald Butts, a long time friend, campaign manager, and right-hand man of PM Trudeau, tweeted a so-called “tourist map” for Canadians travelling to the USA. Butts did delete the tweet after […]

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Don’t Forget What Trudeau & Singh Did to Canada Next Election

Trudeau and Singh are using the tax dollars of hard working Canadians to: Shut Down Parliament shut down our Canadian parliament eliminating or significantly restricting the function of the Conservatives as the official opposition. It […]

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Rational People Kneeling to the Irrational

The last time seasoned experts knelt down to the irrational based on an adrenaline rush of emotion sweeping the country, exuberant computer geeks were wielding internet modems and convincing otherwise smart investors to fund companies […]

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More of Antifa & Other Terrorist Organizations Infiltrating Protests

Link to the blog post Communist Antifa: Opportunistic Violent Thugs Using Race to Inflame a War *UK: Black Lives Matter rioters vandalise Churchill statue on D-Day anniversary (VIDEO) — Voice of Europe 🌍 (@V_of_Europe) June […]

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Communist Antifa: Opportunistic Violent Thugs Using Race to Inflame a War

Despite the appearance of this video being a black and white issue of racial rioting, this is almost certainly a small business owner in the capitalist West being beaten by communist Antifa thugs who came […]

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Wealthy Liberals Watching the Theater of the Absurd

There’s no doubt that these ongoing riots being played out like live stream theater were probably orchestrated by and for the wealthy Liberal George Soros who pays Antifa actors pizza money for their walk-on parts. […]

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Trudeau Liberals and Singh NDP Vote Against Democratic Parliament Resumption. Very Bad Sign for a Democratic Canada

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“The Pot Calling the Kettle Black”

Justin Trudeau in Black Face Update: The post below was written prior to the horrific murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Also below is a statement from Trudeau on the subject. A tool authoritarian, totalitarians […]

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The Look-Away Liberals and the China-UN Communist Infiltration of Canada

May-June, 2020: China and the UN’s Continuing Infiltration of Canada Under Trudeau. June 16, 2020: Telecommunications / Infrastructure: Chinese government telecommunications equipment is installed in Ottawa. The Democratic 5 Eyes security organization (the USA, the […]

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