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The Rising Threat of Anti-Semitic Tolerance, Globalists, Socialists and The Man Who is Stopping Them

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The Rising Threat of Anti-Semitic Globalist Socialism

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Who’s Pulling the Islamic Media Strings in Canada?

PM Trudeau and Canadian media have apparently so emboldened Muslims that they now feel free to walk up and assault people on national television. *Update 09-25-18. In an interview, the target of the assault Laura-Lynn […]

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Pakistani-British Grooming Gangs Unreported in Canadian Media

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Media Saavy Muslims and the Canadian Media

*Update 09-25-18. In an interview, the target of the assault Laura-Lynn Thompson indicated the assaulter’s identity remains unknown. Regarding what is by all appearances a hijab wearing Muslim woman in the video, Thompson said that in […]

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Is Global News an Enabler of Divisive Balkanization?

Global National: Globalist State Educator? IPSOS said in an interview last week that it advised the Liberals to provide educational information on the benefits of immigration to counter the growing sentiment of Canadians objecting to […]

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The Liberal Politics of No Fear: ISIS, Snakes and MS-13

Full disclosure, I look at this from a Christian perspective, and so I believe the Bible that God did not “give us a spirit of fear”. We should not go around with a crippling fear […]

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Race Baiting: A Script of Muslim Activists?

According to Stats Can the people who experience the most discrimination, by a long shot, are African-Canadians and Jewish-Canadians. Anti-Semitism and Racism Against African-Canadians is an ugly mark against Canadians. That there are far right white […]

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The Highly Visible Minority of Muslim Activists

It does seem that for a visible minority, Muslims are a highly visible majority in the mainstream media news. News reporting like this Global News story headlined “Hate crimes against Muslims in Canada Increase 253% […]

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‘It’s Always the Cover-Up’: Trudeau’s Revealing & Asinine Cover-Up

Here’s a theory about PM Trudeau at the Kokanee Festival. A 28-year-old playboy, Justin Trudeau: with a propensity for using his physicality (is it just me or do we get a lot of rear butt […]

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