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Is Global News an Enabler of Divisive Balkanization?

Global National: Globalist State Educator? IPSOS said in an interview last week that it advised the Liberals to provide educational information on the benefits of immigration to counter the growing sentiment of Canadians objecting to […]

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“Irregular”: PM Trudeau’s Illegal Border Crossing NewSpeak

I thought it was a cynical joke that PM Trudeau had actually created a ministry called the “Minisitry for Irregular Immigration”. It’s actually true. It’s right there in black and white in PM Trudeau’s news […]

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The Highly Visible Minority of Muslim Activists

It does seem that for a visible minority, Muslims are a highly visible majority in the mainstream media news. News reporting like this Global News story headlined “Hate crimes against Muslims in Canada Increase 253% […]

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