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What is Gerald Butts Thinking?

On June 24, 2020 Gerald Butts, a long time friend, campaign manager, and right-hand man of PM Trudeau, tweeted a so-called “tourist map” for Canadians travelling to the USA. Butts did delete the tweet after […]

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Don’t Stop Thinking and Don’t Stop Speaking Truth

The totalitarian minded Trudeau Liberals have been threatening to limit our existing free speech rights and today their Liberal media made their first real foray into limiting speech. It is all cleverly cloaked in what […]

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Buffalo Police Incident Images

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Communist Antifa: Opportunistic Violent Thugs Using Race to Inflame a War

Despite the appearance of this video being a black and white issue of racial rioting, this is almost certainly a small business owner in the capitalist West being beaten by communist Antifa thugs who came […]

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Trudeau Liberals and Singh NDP Vote Against Democratic Parliament Resumption. Very Bad Sign for a Democratic Canada

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“The Pot Calling the Kettle Black”

Justin Trudeau in Black Face Update: The post below was written prior to the horrific murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Also below is a statement from Trudeau on the subject. A tool authoritarian, totalitarians […]

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The Look-Away Liberals and the China-UN Communist Infiltration of Canada

May-June, 2020: China and the UN’s Continuing Infiltration of Canada Under Trudeau. June 16, 2020: Telecommunications / Infrastructure: Chinese government telecommunications equipment is installed in Ottawa. The Democratic 5 Eyes security organization (the USA, the […]

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Trudeau: A Dangerous Wild Card in Western Democracy

The global pandemic dealt the globalist UN/WHO a really good hand to play in the globalism versus democracy political game. However, one communist dictator and two un-elected bureaucrat chiefs don’t trump a hand full of […]

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Calling ‘Batshit’ on China’s Coronavirus Excuses

Update May 2, 2020. The evidence grows stronger that the Wuhan Virus originated as a result of a Wuhan Lab accident Instead of in the Wuhan Wet Market — Fox News (@FoxNews) May 2, […]

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The Opioid and Covid Crisis’ Reflect Liberals Abandoning Canadians Young and Old

It seemed like Canada was just staggering to its feet from being pummeled with the opioid epidemic courtesy of Chinese organized crime, when we were hit again from China with Covid-19. The total number of […]

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