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Cannabis and the Opioids of the Largely White Masses

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The Canadian Companies Under UN Guidance

 The United Nations (UN) seeks global governance over the countries in the world, in particular, how countries are to behave with regards to immigration. It seeks to have unelected Globalist leaders “guide” or “direct” […]

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Abortion is Now Open Spiritual War

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Socialist Liberal Democrats Flirting with Communism

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The 3.2%

It was shocking and disturbing to see (be warned it is graphic) the video circulated last week showing what appeared to be the butchering of a live cow in a Canadian backyard. The facts and […]

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The Line That Can’t Be Crossed: The Politics of Skinning a Cow

Besides being gruesome and disturbing, this (WARNING: it is very disturbing to watch for most people) video of a cow appearing to be skinned alive in the  recently circulated Milton, ON video  had shock value. […]

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Border Crossing and The Cross

  “God keep our land, glorious and free” I believe a figurative cross stands at the border protecting the Canadians behind it from those who wish to pass our border and harm us; and, welcoming […]

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“Iron Sharpens Iron”

Maxime Bernier’s iron clad convictions and willingness to blow the doors off politically correct speech is requiring Andrew Scheer to sharpen. This is especially so because Bernier has been proven to be entirely correct on […]

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The Liberal Politics of No Fear: ISIS, Snakes and MS-13

Full disclosure, I look at this from a Christian perspective, and so I believe the Bible that God did not “give us a spirit of fear”. We should not go around with a crippling fear […]

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Canada Needs Unity: Not Diversified Investing

Unity: the state of being united or joined as a whole. Diversity: the state of being diverse; variety. Diversification: the action of making or becoming more diverse or varied While Maxime Bernier’s choice of words […]

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