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Abortion is Now Open Spiritual War

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If You Don’t Want to Support Sharia Law There’s An Easy Way to Speak with Your Wallet

The Islamic Society of North America (“ISNA”) is an Islamic authority which, among other functions, dictates whether Sharia Law has been followed in the Halal slaughter of chicken and beef products. Last week the Canada […]

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You’re Not Crazy: Islam Wants You to Be Islamophobic

Islamic Activists want you to be Islamophobic. The recent Islamic parades of uniformly dressed black paraders winding in long lines through the streets of North America; the loudspeaker calls to prayer being blasted into neighborhoods, social […]

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Do You Want “Allahu Akbar” Prayed Over Your Inhumanely Processed Beef?

Further to the information below, at the bottom of this link ‘s page is updated Sharia Law Halal product information so that you can “Speak with Your Wallet” at the grocery store. I have asked the major […]

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Gratitude for Western Democratic Religious Freedom

 An Islamic parade in Toronto on September 20, 2018 was a good day to remember persecuted Christians in the Middle East who are being murdered for their faith, and to be thankful for Western […]

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Border Crossing and The Cross

  “God keep our land, glorious and free” I believe a figurative cross stands at the border protecting the Canadians behind it from those who wish to pass our border and harm us; and, welcoming […]

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The Liberal Politics of No Fear: ISIS, Snakes and MS-13

Full disclosure, I look at this from a Christian perspective, and so I believe the Bible that God did not “give us a spirit of fear”. We should not go around with a crippling fear […]

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The Highly Visible Minority of Muslim Activists

It does seem that for a visible minority, Muslims are a highly visible majority in the mainstream media news. News reporting like this Global News story headlined “Hate crimes against Muslims in Canada Increase 253% […]

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The Border Between Compassion and Obedience to the Law

May 24, 2018 The line between obedience to the law, and compassion for the needy may be as difficult to navigate as the illegal asylum border crossing at Roxham Road into Canada.   Those supporting […]

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A Sweet Jesus Ice Cream Store Melt Down

“Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble” Shakespeare’s Witches in MacBeth April 2, 2018 Update: At least three mainstream media outlets have provided balanced reporting on Sweet Jesus Ice Cream in the […]

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