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Twitter’s Reported Policy Change on Child Sexual Exploitation is Adding Fuel to a Spreading Wildfire

Statistics Canada reports 233% jump in child pornography incidents in the last decade – and that’s in Canada one of the least offending countries. Twitter’s recently reported softening of its policy on “CES”, or “child […]

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Canadian Democracy Will Hold

It’s going to be a fight, but Canadian democracy is and will continue to hold against socialist-communists. As long as we continue to exercise our democratic rights, freedoms and responsibilities, like this one elderly woman, […]

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Why Did Greta Thunberg’s Entourage Choose Canada to Have a Climate Parade- During Our Election?

You’d be hard pressed to find your average Canadian in favour of polluting the planet because it would lead to our demise, or at the very least least harm future generations. Generally, old and young, […]

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Why the Media Focus on Maxime Bernier When We Have Strong Evidence About Justin Trudeau’s Racy Closet?

Trudeau has taught us that the Canadian elite espousing multiculturalism can be closet racists, and he has the costumes to prove it.

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The Tale of “Big Party Knight” in Canada

The Knighting of Big Party Knight in Canada This is the tale of “Big Party Knight” who was knighted by his father the former King of Canada. It all began a long, long time ago […]

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Liberals in Nazi Clothing?

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The Line That Can’t Be Crossed: The Politics of Skinning a Cow

Besides being gruesome and disturbing, this (WARNING: it is very disturbing to watch for most people) video of a cow appearing to be skinned alive in the  recently circulated Milton, ON video  had shock value. […]

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Islamic Barbaric Treatment of Animals

Note: This article does not contain graphic images unless you scroll way past the horizontal lines to see them. This way the information can be provided without subjecting people to the images. Since Islam was […]

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Illegal Border Crossing Into Canada

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Trudeau Schools Canada, Nay, The World

PM Trudeau’s responses to interview questions by the CBC and CP24 today were border line ridiculous and insulting to the intelligence of Canadians. It seems he is taking on his drama school teacher persona to […]

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