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Don’t Stop Thinking and Don’t Stop Speaking Truth

The totalitarian minded Trudeau Liberals have been threatening to limit our existing free speech rights and today their Liberal media made their first real foray into limiting speech. It is all cleverly cloaked in what […]

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The Look-Away Liberals and the China-UN Communist Infiltration of Canada

May-June, 2020: China and the UN’s Continuing Infiltration of Canada Under Trudeau. June 16, 2020: Telecommunications / Infrastructure: Chinese government telecommunications equipment is installed in Ottawa. The Democratic 5 Eyes security organization (the USA, the […]

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Minister of The Muslim Class

It seems Mona Fortier is clarifying her role in what was already a politically eyeball-rolling, newly created, “Ministry of Middle Class Prosperity.” It was and is a cabinet post made up by the Trudeau Liberals […]

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CBC Propaganda Tactics

Update April 30, 2020 These April 29 and 30, 2020 updates make CBC look all the more like a ridiculous communist Chinese government media outlet in their video that follows these updates. No one is […]

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The Opioid and Covid Crisis’ Reflect Liberals Abandoning Canadians Young and Old

It seemed like Canada was just staggering to its feet from being pummeled with the opioid epidemic courtesy of Chinese organized crime, when we were hit again from China with Covid-19. The total number of […]

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W.H.O is Masking Our Economic Recovery?

One thing is for sure, beating a doom and gloom drum has never done any one or any country any good. That is a path to failure. We instinctively know that. All the talk, mostly […]

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Why Did Greta Thunberg’s Entourage Choose Canada to Have a Climate Parade- During Our Election?

You’d be hard pressed to find your average Canadian in favour of polluting the planet because it would lead to our demise, or at the very least least harm future generations. Generally, old and young, […]

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Why the Media Focus on Maxime Bernier When We Have Strong Evidence About Justin Trudeau’s Racy Closet?

Trudeau has taught us that the Canadian elite espousing multiculturalism can be closet racists, and he has the costumes to prove it.

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If You Don’t Want to Support Sharia Law There’s An Easy Way to Speak with Your Wallet

The Islamic Society of North America (“ISNA”) is an Islamic authority which, among other functions, dictates whether Sharia Law has been followed in the Halal slaughter of chicken and beef products. Last week the Canada […]

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Trudeau’s Choice: Prioritize ISIS Fighters’ Freedom or Canadian Lives

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