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The 3.2% Behind Islamic Butchery

It was shocking and disturbing on many levels  to see the (be warned it is graphic) video circulated last week showing what appeared to be the butchering of a live cow in a Canadian backyard. […]

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Standing for The Milton Cow, Not Halal

Note: This article does not contain graphic images, but it does describe slaughter practices. The Ministry of Agriculture and the Ontario SPCA are actively investigating what appears to be the live skinning of a cow […]

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The Line That Can’t Be Crossed: The Politics of Skinning a Cow

Besides being gruesome and disturbing, this (WARNING: it is very disturbing to watch for most people) video of a cow appearing to be skinned alive in the  recently circulated Milton, ON video  had shock value. […]

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Islamic Barbaric Treatment of Animals

Note: This article does not contain graphic images unless you scroll way past the horizontal lines to see them. This way the information can be provided without subjecting people to the images. Since Islam was […]

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